The First Nations rooms, open to all Eagle View Elementary students, are busy and vibrant locations. Here, students are able to access personal support and academic resources to work independently, in groups, or with adult support to complete homework assignments and projects in addition to studying for tests and improving study and social skills.

First Nations Programs offer enhancement programs to all students of Aboriginal Ancestry; First Nations, Inuit and Metis.  In addition, First Nations Programs also provide additional opportunities for all schools and students to enhance their understanding of Aboriginal culture and communities.

During class time, the First Nations Education Assistants may be found in the classrooms supporting one or more students, or they may be providing support to students and staff outside of the classrooms. There are First Nations’ content books as well as many Aboriginal stories and reference books available in the Learning Commons.

Please come and meet our staff – Mr. Harold Nelson, Mrs. Bea Wadhams, Mr. Ken Bedard and Ms. Tamara Keiver.

Supported by Breakfast for Learning, Harvest Food Bank and individual sponsors, we believe a healthy lifestyle includes following the Canada Food Guide to promote learning for life.

This video is of 2 students from Eagle View Elementary School, talking about their experiences at Kingcome.

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